Templates API FAQ

What is the difference between ‘guid’ and ‘versionGuid’?

The main difference between ‘guid’ and ‘versionGuid’ is:

  • ‘guid’ is identifier of a concept. All versions of a concept have the same ‘guid’.
  • ‘versionGuid’ is identifier of a concept’s version. All versions of a concept have unique ‘versionGuid’.

Each revision of the life cycle of a concept generates a new version. Versioning of concepts prevents data loss and helps tracking of changes. One concept can have many versions that are having the same ‘guid’.

Should we store ‘guid’ or ‘versionGuid’?

Short answer:

Store ‘versionGuid’. If you have the option store both.

Long answer:

‘versionGuid’ should be kept and used. This will guarantee integrity if a new concept version is created. New concept version is created when there are breaking changes in the concept. Nonbreaking changes such as fixing typos are allowed in the same version.

‘guid’ can be stored as well. It will help to check if there are updates on a concept.

How to check if there are updates on a concept?

More information can be found in the link: How to get the latest ‘versionGuid’ of a concept.