Templates API Nomenclatures

In order to make the information easily exportable in different formats, we have different data types, depending on the type of information that the particular property bears.

The possible data types are:

Datatype (parameter) Data type description
string String - ex. "Hello world!"
int Integer - ex. "3"
float Float number - ex. "3.14"
bool Boolean - ex. "true"
date Date (The only accepted format is the ISO 8601 f.ex. 2020-12-31)
link Link - ex. "https://cobuilder.com"
email Email - ex. "support@cobuilder.com"
Here’s a list of the countries of distribution that the Templates API supports. The supported country format is the ISO 3166 Аlpha-2 code format.
Country (parameter) Country
AT Austria
AU Australia
BE Belgium
CA Canada
CH Switzerland
CN China
CZ Czech Republic
DE Germany
DK Denmark
FI Finland
FR France
GB United Kingdom
HU Hungary
IE Ireland
IT Italy
JP Japan
LT Lithuania
NL Netherlands
NO Norway
NZ New Zealand
RU Russia
SE Sweden
SG Singapore
US United States
Here are the supported cultures and the codes that represent them in the Templates API contracts:
Culture (parameter) Culture name
bg-BG Bulgarian
zn-CN Chinese (PRC)
nl-BE Dutch (Belgium)
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands)
en English
en-GB English (United Kingdom)
en-US English (United States)
fr-BE French (Belgium)
fr-FR French (France)
de-DE German
it-IT Italian
nb-NO Norwegian (Bokmål)
es-ES Spanish
sv-SE Swedish
da-DK Danish (Denmark)