Products API Overview

The Products API is a RESTful API that allows for creation and management of product data. The aim of the API is to create a digital passport of the manufactured product, containing all its identifying information and characteristic traits, structured and described in a standardized format. The product’s characteristics can later be extracted and distributed to different channels.

You can use the Products API to:

  • Create products

  • Search for products

  • Get product data

  • Update product data

Key concepts

Product - a manufactured object.

Country of distribution ("country") - the market or country where the product is offered in.

Identifier - a characteristic describing the product’s unique reference numbers in different databases. Identifiers ca be:

  • Cobuilder ID ("Id") - the unique number of the product in Cobuilder’s database. It is only given after a product is successfully created in our database.

  • GTIN number ("gtin") - Global Trade Item Number, a traded product’s identifier, developed by GS1.

  • GMN number ("gmn") - Global Model Number, a number that identifies the product line, family or series that the traded product belongs to.

  • SPN number ("spn") - manufacturer’s article or reference number for this product.

  • Country-specific identifiers - reference numbers for products in different databases, operating in a limited number of countries.

Construction object ("constructionObjectGuid") - a characteristic describing the product’s general type (f.ex. window).

Template ("templateGuid") - also called Product Data Template - PDT. Defines attributes for information exchange for a particular Construction object. Prepares the needed attributes for creation of product or requirement.

Property ("propertyGuid") - a characteristic describing the product’s qualities (f.ex. height).

Unit ("unitGuid") - unit of measurement (f.ex. millimeter)

Access limitations

The Products API has several types of user roles

  • Users with manage rights can use endpoints for making changes in products data.

  • Users with read-only rights can access only the GET product data and product search endpoints. All other endpoints will return error 403 Forbidden.

  • Users with beta rights are able to access new features and endpoints in advance of their official market release.

How to use the Products API

The most common uses for the Products API are described in our implementation guide, where you can find request body examples and a step-by-step explanation about how to create, update and get a product. Click here to access the Implementation guide page.

Versioning and Migration Guide

For an overview over the differences between v.1 and v.2 of the Products API, click here.